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Your Local Map

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yourlocalmap is part of yourlocalflyer

What makes us unique

Truly local - yourlocalmap connects visitors to Milton Keynes to local services with a handy pocket size map.

Longevity - Visitors to Milton Keynes take yourlocalmap home to remember their visit, therefore take your business home with them.

Quality - yourlocalmap maintains very high standards in print and production. All artwork is professionally designed to ensure that your business is portrayed in the best possible light.

Comprehensive service - our graphic design studio can make life even easier by managing our clients’ advertising and print requirements.

Value - yourlocalmap represents incredible value for money for your advertising. With adverts starting from as little as £100 per year.



Delivering 5,000 copies of yourlocalmap quarterly to businesses and high footfall areas throughout Milton Keynes, yourlocalmap is the largest map in Milton Keynes.

Pick up points are:
Activity & Theme Parks
J14 Coach Station
MK Train Station
Central Milton Keynes
other high foot fall areas

Who uses yourlocalmap

Visitors to Milton Keynes
Family visitors
Male and female visitors