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Your Local Map

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Your pocket guide to Milton Keynes

yourlocalmap is a helpful pocket sized guide for visitors to Milton Keynes, guiding them around the wonderful attractions and local amenities we have here.
To download your copy of yourlocalmap please click here

Where can I get one?

Pick up locations we are looking at are:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Activity & Theme Parks
  • J14 Coach Station
  • MK Train Station
  • Central Milton Keynes
  • other high foot fall areas

At all the pick up points we will also supply a map holder to help display the maps easily on counter tops and in reception areas.

How do I get placed on yourlocalmap?

We are offering 3 different size adverts:

Please click here to see the different options available

How big is pocket sized?

yourlocalmap folds to A6 from an A3 sized map. This will make it more attractive to pick up and carry until you need to open it up for convenience and let it guide you around MK.